What Could Be Causing Dental Sensitivity?

There are a large number of known causes. The causes may not be known to you though. Most people assume that bad hygiene is the cause. This isn’t always true. Here is some information on what can cause bad sensitivity.

Each tooth is made up of dentin. There is also a sensitive tissue in the core. Therefore, when the enamel has decayed, you may experience pains. They can easily be caused by hot or cold. Sometimes even sugars can cause pain.

There Are More Causes Than Expected

It’s not just your brushing that can bring the pains. Some of the primary causes include:

There are also certain health problems that can lead to dental sensitivity. But don’t worry. There are ways to combat the effects of sensitive teeth. Certain toothpaste has desensitizing agents. Other medication is available as well.

If you start to experience sensitive teeth, contact your dentist for help. Summer Creek Dental is right around your corner to help Humble, TX. We want to help you develop a plan to help your teeth.

Is Dental Sensitivity Permanent?

The dental sensitivity can be treated. Damage to enamel is not reversible though. Almost everyone will have one or more teeth become sensitive in their lives.

Proper oral hygiene is still key. Brushing properly everyday will save you a lot down the road. It also helps with bad breath. When you have sensitive teeth, lifestyle changes aren’t enough.

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