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Let’s be honest, we can all feel a little worried and apprehensive about our teeth when we suddenly feel.  Pain and discomfort. This is when you may need to consider emergency dental treatment and you may need to seek out the help of your emergency dentist within your community. But what is an emergency dentist? These are dentists that are on hand to treat issues that are causing you significant pain. We can help with emergency cases that simply can’t wait for the next available appointment. So what would be considered as a situation where you might need an emergency dentist?

When you shouldn’t call an emergency dentist?

The main thing to discuss is when you won’t need emergency dentistry. This is when you should wait for the next available appointment.Consider the following guidance:

  • Chipped or cracked tooth that isn’t causing pain or damage in your mouth.
  • A toothache that isn’t severe.
  • If you have lost a crown or filling.
  • A loss of a child’s tooth may not be seen as an emergency if it has been knocked out fully. As long as there are no fragments in the mouth that can cause damage to other areas.

If in doubt you can always contact your local emergency dentist within your community who will be in the best position to advise whether they need to see you or not. 

When might you need an emergency dentist?

There are situations where you may need an emergency dentist and these should not be ignored. However, some people find teeth or mouth pain quite unbearable, so it can be tricky to understand when an emergency dentist might be needed, and when you may need to take painkillers and wait for the next available appointment. Here are some of the things to consider to help you decide if and when an emergency dentist might be able to help:

  • Are you in severe pain? Severe pain and bleeding are signs of an emergency.
  • Have you lost a tooth? Fast treatment can potentially save a tooth and enable you to feel yourself again.
  • Do you have loose teeth? Adults should never lose teeth so this can be seen as an emergency . A loose tooth, even without pain, is a serious problem so make sure you see a dentist right away.
  • Do you have an infection? An abscess or serious infection in your mouth can be potentially life-threatening, and treatment should not wait. You may notice swelling or knots on your gums or swelling around the face. If in doubt, always get this sort of concern checked by an emergency dentist.
  • Are you bleeding from the mouth? This is a potential sign of an emergency.

Getting in touch with Summer Creek Dental

If you think you need the help and assistance of an emergency dentist then you can get in touch with Summer Creek Dental to get scheduled for an emergency appointment. There are many ways that you can communicate with Summer Creek Dental but if you are needing emergency assistance then contacting us by phone would be best. 

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Get in touch today if you need some emergency assistance.