The 5 Most Common Humble Dental Problems

Your teeth are an important part of you that often don’t receive the care that they really need in order to stay as healthy as possible. Here at Summer Creek Dental, we see all of the common Humble dental problems that affect our patients. Luckily, we can help you quickly fix these problems!

Gum Disease

When people think of taking care of their teeth, they usually only think of the teeth themselves, which can lead to problems with your gums. Bacteria in your mouth can cause an infection that slowly destroys your gums, and the ligaments that hold your teeth in place. There are five stages of gum disease, and Summer Creek Dental can help you catch it early, and quickly help you get rid of the infection. If you’re dealing with bleeding gums, contact Summer Creek Dental to schedule an appointment today.

Tooth Decay

Before modern dentistry it was common to have missing, broken, or cavity riddled teeth brought on by poor hygiene and lack of tooth care. These days, stopping tooth decay is as easy as good dental hygiene and regular checkup with your family dentist. Sometimes though, it’s too late to prevent cavities, brought on by bacteria and plaque emitting an acid that erodes tooth enamel, and a trip to the dentist is needed. Luckily, the team here at Summer Creek Dental is well versed in filling and preventing cavities.

Infected Teeth

If you’ve ever had an infected tooth, you knew about it pretty early on in the infection. When bacteria make their way to the root of your tooth, they infect the nerves and pulp tissue that make up the bottom and inside of your teeth. It can be extremely painful, and the treatment often gets a bad reputation for being just as painful as the infection. When you come to Summer Creek Dental with an infected tooth, we promise that your root canal will be as painless as we can possible make it.  endodontics humble texas dentistry

Dry Mouth

When most people hear the term ‘dry mouth’, they don’t really consider it to be a problem. After all, once you drink some water, you’re good, right? Dealing with constant dry mouth can be a bit more difficult to deal with. If you’re suffering from constant dry mouth it could be due to a number of reasons like medication you’re currently taking, or even genetic predisposition. Whatever the reason may be, your mouth and teeth need that moisture to help protect your teeth from tooth decay. Summer Creek Dental can help you get to the bottom of your dry mouth, and help you protect your teeth.

Enamel Loss

The outside of your teeth is what is known as the ‘enamel’, and it’s main function is to act as the protective layer of your teeth. Unfortunately, your enamel can be destroyed, and once it’s gone there’s only so much you can do to fix the problem. Sweet sugary foods, soda, acidic foods and drinks, and even brushing too hard or too much can lead to a loss of your teeth’s enamel. Summer Creek Dental can help you slow the process, and can help you protect the enamel that you have left!


If you or a loved one are suffering from these 5 common Humble Dental problems, don’t stress! Summer Creek Dental is here to help! With an amazingly kind and knowledgeable staff, and wonderful doctors, you get the best treatment when you pick Summer Creek Dental. If you’re ready to save your smile, contact us to schedule your appointment!