Not many people are aware that dental financing is available for bad credit. Summer Creek Dental, located in Houston, Texas and led by Dr Tammie Thibodeaux DDS and her friendly staff, offers advanced general dentistry that comes with a dental financing program for bad credit. In short, at Dental Creek, good or bad credit does not matter. 


Is Dental Financing Possible With A Bad Credit?

Most people do not consider dental services simply because of bad credit. But should this be the case?



How Can Someone Get Dental Financing?

Now that we know that it is possible to get dental financing with bad credit, you may be wondering how to get dental financing at all. Here is how:



Is It Possible To Pay In Installments?


If you live in and around the Houston, Texas area and you are experiencing any difficulty financing your dental treatments, why not pay a visit to Summer Creek Dental. Our friendly, professional staff will welcome you with open arms and take you through all the financing options available to you.