Root Canals

What is a root canal?

Getting root canal treatment can be an unpleasant experience, but at Summer Creek Dental we make sure that isn’t the case. The root canal is a chamber in the root of the tooth that contains the pulp of the tooth (nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue). Each root has at least one root canal, but can contain multiple canals. An operation has to be performed if at any time the root should become infected or inflamed. When the root canal is treated, the dentist will first numb the area and make a small opening to the pulp chamber. The pulp of the tooth is then removed and the pulp chamber of the tooth is filled and sealed. Treating this problem is quite vital and there are several factors that can be warning signs as to when you should seek immediate dental care. In the most common cases, you can experience pain in the teeth, gums, or jaw due to the direct connection to such sensitive nerve endings, but there are several other symptoms that you should be cautious about.

When should I see a dentist?

If at any time you experience:

While getting root canal treatment is a very serious matter, Summer Creek Dental is more than qualified to handle any severity of the root’s condition. Don’t hesitate to Give Us A Call. If left untreated you put yourself at risk of losing the tooth and even having the infection spread further into the jaw. This can develop to the point of needing major surgery and even possible bone-grafting. Less severe infections can often times be handled by a general dentist, but to ensure that the best care is provided for you, we have a staff highly qualified in endodontics. Always make sure to get the best oral surgery you can to avoid any future problems. That’s all we offer at Summer Creek Dental. An endodontist is someone who has taken years of specialty training to focus on root canal treatments. If you would like to know more, check out our page on Endodontics.

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