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The type of dentistry involved in your dental care is incredibly important. Knowing that the right services are available to you, and that the right medical professionals are taking care of you, is key to a happy and healthy smile! At Summer Creek Dental, we make it our mission to keep patients well informed about the dentistry services that’ll keep you smiling for longer, and that’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive page on family dentistry. 


The term ‘family dentistry’ is something we see a lot in the dentistry field, but what does it mean, exactly? Well, consider this your one stop shop for everything you need to know about this area of dentistry, as we’ll go into detail below about the practices and advantages involved. Why not take the time to decide if family dentistry is for you? 


What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry includes dental care for all ages, but most of all places emphasis on making dental services accessible and specifically targeted for children. A family dentist focuses on the way a child’s teeth develop as they age, and can ensure the right bedside manner when dealing with kids of all ages. 


We all know that dentist offices can be scary places, and when you’re a young child getting your teeth seen, a lot of anxiety and tears can come around! And as a parent trying to ensure good oral health for your whole family, this can make a dentist trip a very stressful ordeal. All in all, this can mean family dentistry can be a real boon to the oral health in your household. 


The Benefits of Using a Family Dentistry

There are many benefits in using family dentistry for your family. Most of all, if you’ve got young kids, or even a surly teenager who hates going to medical appointments, visiting a family dentist can make sure the trip is quick and easy, and that the services are explained in the best terms no matter the patient’s age. 


Family dentistry is also incredibly convenient, as your whole family can be seen by one dentist at one time. You won’t have to track multiple appointments, or visit multiple offices to ensure your family’s oral health is well taken care of. Similarly, when using family dentistry, you can keep an eye on your family’s dental needs, thanks to a comprehensive record featuring your family’s dental history. 


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