Everyone always knows best, right? That’s why we have millions of old wives’ tales, and myths floating around out there. Unfortunately, these myths can often lead to people not taking the proper care of their teeth, and can lead to major decay and other dental issues. Summer Creek Dental is here to help with your dental services Humble, and to help put these 5 common dental myths to bed, for good!

5 Most Common Dental Myths

Bleaching Weakens Your Teeth

While it’s always good to be wary of things that can weaken your teeth and enamel, bleaching isn’t one of those things. As long as you’re following the directions to the letter, or are getting your teeth professional bleached and whitened, you should be fine! After all, the procedure, or kits, only affect the color of your teeth, not the actual structure itself. If you bleach your teeth too much you may see a slight transparency in your teeth, but that doesn’t mean they have weakened any, it’s just a color change.

Never Brush Bleeding Gums

This one seems like common sense, right? If your gums are sensitive and bleeding, it’s best NOT to brush them, and let them heal, right? Wrong. Bleeding gums mean that your gum aren’t healthy, yes, but a buildup of food particles and plaque are what CAUSE them to be unhealthy. If you’re dealing with bleeding gums, the best thing to do is brush your gums gently to help clear the plaque build up and get your gums healthy again.

Bad Breath Means You’re Bad at Brushing

While bad breath CAN be caused by poor brushing and other dental hygiene, it’s not the only cause of it. Dry mouth, which is often caused by various medications, can cause bad breath, as well as the food you eat too (obviously!). endodontics humble texas dentistry

Aspirin on a Sore Tooth Gets Rid of Pain

This seems to be one the most popular dental myths out there, because it’s partially true. Aspirin IS a painkiller, and it CAN help with toothaches, but simply putting a tablet on your tooth and hoping for it to get better isn’t going to cut it. It can, however, lead to nasty burns on the inside of your mouth if you leave the tablet there for too long. It’s best to simply swallow the aspirin, wait for it to help with the pain some, and then see a professional dentist about your tooth ache. You’ll thank us in the long run.

Too Much Sugar Rots Your Teeth

This is by far the most common dental myth there is. After all, how often have you heard something sweet referred to as ‘teeth rotting’? And while excessive amounts of sugar can lead to tooth decay, it’s not the sugar itself that’s causing it. What actually causes decay in your teeth is the naturally occurring bacteria found in your mouth. They feed off of sugar, yes, so when you eat a lot of sugary food without brushing your teeth regularly, you’re giving the bacteria more fuel to grow and harm your teeth.