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Dental Bridges Are Available Right Around The Corner

Bridges resemble natural teeth. They are designed to take the place of areas where there are gaps between teeth. A bridge is a stationary dental prosthesis fixed to the teeth. It replaces one or more missing teeth, cemented or bonded, to supporting teeth or implants adjacent to the space.

If you need a crown or bridge you’ll be expertly fitted by one of our specialists at Summer Creek Dental. After your dental bridge procedure with us, there will be no more worrying that the crown or bridge is going to be ill fitting or look unnatural.

How Much Will It Cost?

Some are covered by some types of insurance (wholly or partly), because it depends on the company and the reason for the crown and/or bridge. Those put in place solely for cosmetic purposes may not always be covered, or may only be covered after a specific deductible has been met.

Crowns and bridgework require the same conscientious care as your natural teeth. Be sure to brush and floss between all of your teeth — restored and natural — every day to reduce the buildup of dental plaque. Most of all when you have crowns, it is even more important to maintain your regular schedule of cleanings.

Protect You Teeth So They Last A Lifetime

Avoid using your teeth as tools (to open packages, for example). If you have a grinding habit, wearing a nightguard would be a good idea. Since this is to protect your teeth and your investment. Maybe even the best practice to save that smile.

Dental bridges could be the key to fixing your teeth. Therefore proper installation and maintenance, you could save your smile. It’s our job at Summer Creek Dental to make sure you receive proper dental care. That’s why we’ve been named “Best Dentist” in your area!

So if you need Dental Bridges Atascocita, let us help keep your smile confident and flawless.